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Save: R12-002-20007

Save: R12-002-20007

Save: R12-002-20007

Description Sq.M. Qty
Rental cost for 1 day - (Air-Cond tent)    
Röder tent 10m x 15m x 4m 150 1
Planking 10m x 15m 150 1
New carpet 10m x 15m 150 1
4 side white canvas 5m x 4m 20 8
Gable Canvas 10m   2
LED light bulb   12
10HP Air-cond   5
Aluminium double glass door   2
Stage c/w used carpet, skirting & staircase 16ft x 10ft x 2ft (H) 160 1
Round tables 4.5ft w/ skirting   10

Cushion chairs with seat cover and gold ribbon

Generator 100kva w/fencing, DB box, oil tray, fire extinguisher & earthing for genset w/ danger sign   1

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