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Save: R012-005-20011

Save: R012-005-20011

Save: R012-005-20011

Description Sq. m Qty

Rental cost for One Day for 350 pax

Röder Hts Technical Tentage 20m(66ft) x 20m(66ft) x 4m(H) with Roof Canvas 400 1
Sides canvas 5m x 80m 400 1
Wooden Planking with Red Carpet 66ft(20m) x 66ft(20m) 400 1

Counter weights with black cloth


5ft Round Table with cloth & skirting


Cushion Chair with seat cover


Weatherproof Fluorescent 4ft lighting

Three Blade Fan   15
Generator 100kva with Fencing, DB Box, oil tray, fire extinguisher, earthing and danger sign for gen. set   1

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