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Save: R12-002-20006

Save: R12-002-20006

Save: R12-002-20006

R12-001-20006 Sqm/ft Qty
50% Saving pack for Company D&D    
Röder 20m x 40m x 4mH 800 1
White LED lightbulb   162
Inner lining 20m x 40m 800 1
Planking 20m x 40m 800 1
New grey carpet 20m x 40m 800 1
Three blade fan   80
Stage c/w new grey carpet, red skirting & staircase (32ftx 16ft x 2ft H) 512 1

Cushion chair w/ white seat cover & gold cloth tie as ribbon

4.5ft Round table w/ white cloth   70
Generator 60kva with Fencing (24hr), DB Box, oil tray, fire extinguisher & earthing for genset w/ danger sign   1

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