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Save: R12-004-20001A

Save: R12-004-20001A

Save: R12-003-20001A

Description Sqm/ft Qty
Rental One Day (2000pax Dinner)    
RÖder Hts Tentage 18m x 40m x 4mH 720 3
Rain Gutter 40m   2
Wooden Planking 18m x 40m 720 3
Red Carpet Walkway (Size: 1.8m x 66m) 1290 1
Stage 40ft x 24ft x 3ft(H) w/ red carpet, skirting & 2 staircase with 2 railing on 2 sides 960 1
Cooking Tentage for Chinese Caterer, 5.5m x 24m w/ 8 lights and planking 1440 2
Cooking Tentage for Muslim Caterer, 5.5m x 6m w/ 8 lights and planking 360 1
10ft VIP Round table w/ Table Cloth & skirting   1
Red Cushion chair   20
Round Table 1.4m   200
Square Table 0.9m x 0.9m   100
Red PVC Garden Chair   2000
Industrial Pillar Mounted Fan   48
Three Blade Fan   74
White LED Light   162
Plywood Backdrop 40ft x 12ft(H) 480 1
Changing room 5.5m x 6m x 5.5m(H) w/ Lights and Fan, 4 sides w/ canvas   1
Generator 60kva with Fencing, DB Box, oil tray, fire extinguisher, earthing and danger sign for gen. set   3
Mobile Chemical toilet   6
13Amp Powersocket with Extension Wiring   4
Back white canvas 18m x 6.5m 117 1
White Inner Lining 18m x 15m at Stage area 270 1

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